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Sleeping Bag Studios

by Jer@SBS

Oct 19, 2015

SB stu.jpg

....With a Buble-esque smoothness, Gillis sings this one perfectly and charmingly throughout…and recording-wise, this song CAN make a claim to doing something differently as it was recorded involving around 50 people, including an 18-piece kids-choir…and everything all blends together with versatile music that sounds as bright and hopeful as the holidays. And just think about it – now there’s another track that both you and grandma can enjoy TOGETHER…who doesn’t want that right?


I kid, I kid. Bradley…you’ve done very well here brother...Your song, “Santa Claus Is Rockin” is faultless, and certainly reflects the true-spirit of the holidays in a beautiful light of unity…and though I might be the Grinch who tries to steal Christmas music...I still can’t deny a good song when I hear one. “Santa Claus Is Rockin” is the complete package as far as Christmas music is concerned.



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